RECSEASA - Two channel outdoor receiver with antenna

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The SEA receiver is a 433 mhz, two channel receiver suitable for SEA "Smart" remotes. Can be powered by 12 or 24 volts AC or DC. This SEA receiver is popular with our own installers due to it's unique programmable features. When you order the "Smart" SEA transmitter with a SEA receiver the transmitter and receiver are programmed to your own unique installation. Simply put ordering new transmitters to add or replace lost or stolen transmitters is simply a matter of a phone call. Your Automatic Solutions branch will recall your installation and program your new transmitter ready to work when you receive it. What is more if the transmitter is to replace a stolen or lost transmitter the old one will be deregitered and rendered useless on the first use of your new one saving you lots of time and hassle.

  • 2 Channels
  • 12-24 AC/DC
  • 800 User memory
  • 15mA
  • Transmitters - REMSEA

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